The articles on emoticons were interesting. The potential for your message to be misinterpreted is a hazard of any social media tool. I sometimes use emoticons to clarify my tone, and reduce the potential of inadvertent miscommunication, but the articles demonstrate that it could have the opposite effect. The Bimojis look fun, but I am undertaking this course for professional purposes and cannot envisage using these for this purpose, so I will explore this website in my own time. pexels-photo-207983.jpeg

Digital footprint

I  have made a conscious decision to keep my professional and personal social media profiles separate. This enables me to protect my privacy and exert targeted subject control over the information flow into my social media accounts. I have a separate email account that I use to test out new social media tools. This distinction ensures that the tool does not become associated with my professional profile before I have made a considered decision on whether to adopt it for professional purposes.pexels-photo-267350.jpeg